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Here's How We Work

Our Process

We take flight

At a frequency you specify, we take flight and map your entire golf course.

Record & deliver data

Once data is captured, we process and provide you online access to the data and software tools.

Provide software and support

We equip you with analysis tools to provide you full answers to your questions.

Features You'll Have Access To


Observation Reports

View a snapshot of of your most recent flights. Investigate each hole using various vegetation indexes such as NDVI, RGB, and other sensing measurements. Visually measure the progress of course conditions over a duration of flights. Use our interactive software to compare progress using our handy image slider. View a hole-by-hole breakout to see a quantitative analysis of which course areas are thriving and which need attention. Breakouts can measure hole-by-hole or can be filtered by course feature i.e. green, fairway, tee box.

  1. Easily Compare Progress
  2. Hole-by-Hole Analysis
  3. Overview of Open Tasks

Turf Analysis Software

Explore your HD digital golf course map using various vegetation filters. Customize your filters, or use pre-set settings to decipher the strength of conditions. You’re able to pinpoint findings and assign them as action-items to for yourself and your crew. Measure distances and areas of various elements to ensure you’re sustaining proper proportions.

  1. Create Custom Analysis
  2. Auto Detect Turf Stress
  3. Record Measurements

Assign Action Items

As you uncover turf stress, easily make note of your findings within your maps. All marked areas will be conveniently listed for your team to review. If you have a larger team, you can also assign action items to specific crew members. Staff members can message each other regarding specific action items, and track completed tasks directly within the website.

  1. Assign Action Items
  2. Team Commenting System
  3. Task Overview & To-Do's
Access a Complete Solution.
At the frequency you specify, we package together all of the following deliverables:
  • Condition & Progress Reports

  • Actionable orthomosaic course maps

  • Collaboration and task management software

  • Images from varying perspectives

  • Software enabling instant measuring of volumes, areas, and distances

  • A method of collaboration with a team through shared maps and comments

  • Support and storage of your files

  • 3D models

Let's Partner Up

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